Balm of Gilead Wood Slice 13 1/2

Balm of Gilead Wood Slice 13 1/2" to 16" With Hand Rubbed Oil Finish WholeSale

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  Balm of Gilead Wood Slice with bark, Large 13 1/2" to 16" diameter x 1 to 2" thick.  WholeSale

Oil Finish or Food Grade Mineral Oil & Bees Wax Finish

This Listing is for a package of 1

 Our Slices have a Hand Rubbed Oil Finish on Both sides after being sanded very smooth!

The tremendous Beauty in these Log Slices are enhanced with our Oil Finish.

Great for wedding Cake Stand, Center Pieces, Wood Burning or engraving!

Kiln Dried to prevent shrinkage,splitting and bark separation. Sanded both sides.


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